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Rukar Thresh

Citadel, Zakera Ward
Apartment 6756h

Subject: Notice of Foreclosure Due to Apartment Abandonment

Dear Rukar Thresh,

I hope this transmission finds you well. I am writing to inform you about the unfortunate situation regarding your esteemed apartment located in the heart of the Citadel’s Zakera Ward. As the current property holder, we regret to inform you that your apartment has been deemed abandoned according to Citadel housing regulations.

The Citadel, a beacon of galactic civilization, prides itself on providing the utmost care and attention to its inhabitants. However, it has come to our attention that your apartment has remained unoccupied and untouched for an extended period, despite our efforts to establish contact.

As the Zakera Ward Administrator, I must emphasize the importance of maintaining a vibrant and lively community within the Citadel. Unfortunately, the abandonment of your apartment compromises the efficient allocation of residential spaces for those seeking to make the Citadel their home.

In light of the situation, we must begin the necessary procedures for apartment foreclosure, as dictated by Citadel housing protocols. The foreclosure process will be conducted in accordance with the established regulations governing abandoned properties within the Citadel.

We understand that various circumstances may have led to this situation, and we would be more than willing to work with you to find a resolution. To prevent foreclosure, we invite you to contact our office within 14 days from the date of this message at 214901829012 or contact@CitadelForlet.com

Together, we can explore possible solutions to ensure the continued enjoyment of your apartment within the vibrant and welcoming community of the Presidium. Our dedicated team is prepared to assist and guide you throughout this process.

Should we not receive communication or find a resolution within the specified time frame, we will have no choice but to proceed with the foreclosure process, as per the established Citadel guidelines.

Your apartment’s central location in the heart of the Citadel offers unparalleled convenience, surrounded by cultural marvels, advanced technology, and diverse communities. We sincerely hope to avoid any drastic measures and believe that cooperation and communication can lead to a satisfactory outcome.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the future of your apartment within the prestigious Presidium.


Adam Price
Zakera Administrator
Citadel Housing Authority